Rooted Airpad 7p with Ice Cream Sandwich Installed

After some doing some research online I have been able to root and install ice cream sandwich on my airpad 7p.  It seems to run the new android os nicely.

Here are some pictures:


Android Market place on the Airpad. The Airpad is not shipped with the market
Airpad About Info Page
Airpad apps and widgets installed

4 thoughts on “Rooted Airpad 7p with Ice Cream Sandwich Installed”

    1. What do you mean it doesn’t function like it? Keep in mind that Android 4.0 is a very very unstable OS to start with. That is why there aren’t any other manufacturers who will release it for their device. Combine this with the cheap hardware that the device is using and it is a formula for failure.

  1. So i ran the rooted ics update from the link you had and noticed that it did not have flash when i installed.. i did notice youtube and gmail app but did not see the Flash.. can i just go to adobe and download? or will it tell me that it is not a sanctioned tablet?


  2. SO i used the link to the updated ics with android market but no flash player.. and when i download flash player 11 nothing.. how did you get ics with market and flash to work.. one of the biggest things for me is to be able to stream amazon movies.. i see you have it but not on mine.. is there a link to updated ics ?

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