Install Windows XP Guest Services in Windows 10 HyperVisor

I needed to do a test in a windows xp environment today. Since I am running Windows 10 I simply created a new Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager and installed an old copy of Windows XP from an ISO image.

After completing the install, I could not find any way to install the Integration Services (aka Guest Services). I never had this issue in Windows 8.1, so I wondered if I could just use the drivers from Windows 8.1.

Since I have a backup of Windows 8.1 before I upgraded, I went searching the backup and found this folder:


I restored this folder and downloaded an application to create an ISO image from a folder. The program I used was

Once I had a vmguest.iso file, I just mounted this in my guest operating system and ran


Now I am running Windows XP with integration services in Windows 10

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  1. I originally upgraded my host OS from Win8.1 to 10TP and my pre-existing XP VM carried over just fine. I recently did a fresh format and install of Win 10TP but didn’t backup my XP VHD and now I seem to be screwed, unless I can grab the vmguest.iso from one of my Win2012 Azure servers or a download location online.

  2. Update: still no luck finding vmguest.iso. VMs in Azure doesn’t support the ability to add Hyper-V components (thus no vmguest.iso). I have an older laptop with 8.1 but the CPU doesn’t support virtualization, so the option to add vmguest.iso was also disabled there.

    The only thing that _KINDA_ worked (and it seems very flakey) was to add a Legacy NIC in Hyper-V to my XP guest. Still, after running Win Update on my XP guest completely, there are several things still listed in Device Manager as not supported. At least I kinda have network access, but it’s an XP VM that barely hobbles along and is quite frustrating to work with.

  3. Adam,
    You will need to build the iso, with the contents found in the c:\windows\vmguest folder on the windows 8.1 system.

    I also sent you an email. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

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