Install Android 4.03 on X10 Air Pad 7p ICS – Root version

Prepare the files

  1.  The tablet should be off and not connected to the computer, however it should be plugged into power
  2. Extract the firmware so you can see the image named “4.0-MOMO9C-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412.20120206.img”
  3. Run LiveSuitPack 1.07
  4.  After running the exe go to the folder and run the application (LiveSuit.exe approx. 2mb)
  5. Click Yes to the message
  6. Click “General” for the format mode, and then click Yes.
  7. Browse to the folder where the image 4.0-MOMO9C-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412.20120206.img
  8. Prepare the Momo9 5. Whilst keep back button pressed, plug it in via USB
  9. Keep pressing the back button and also press the power button time for 10 times (this is an art and a science and will take several tries don’t expect to get it the first time)
  10. After several presses on the power button there will be a “sound” it connects as Windows recognises new USB hardware
  11. Windows 7 will install drivers automatically, in Windows XP you need to point windows to the directory where you extracted software (also make sure you do not have usb checkmarked in setup).
  12. When all the drivers are installed, the firmware will start to install automatically.  If it doesn’t start automatically, unplug and try again.
  13. Finishing the Installation
  14.  There will be no sign of loading on the Momo9 – don’t worry
  15. On the PC, LiveSuit shows a bar graph – it takes about 2 mins to go onto the Momo9 12. After the yellow bar on Livesuite is completed action (about 2 mins) nothing happens.
  16. You will see an exclamation mark (using Windows 7) with no text. Click OK.
  17. Then wait a few seconds. Unplug the momo9 from the USB. You will see a green battery symbol.
  18. Ignore it.
  19. Restart the tablet manually (as normal using the on/off button).
  20. After this, you will be given two options, click start using android wizard (or something similar).

Everything should be included (Market, Navigation, Maps etc) Enjoy it!


Here is the download link that I used

You will also need the live suit pack which can be downloaded here

I was able to update my airpad with no loss of data or apps.  I will let you know how the stability goes.  From what I am hearing Adobe Flash works on this version.

Update: After playing with it for a few minutes it does seem to be more stable and a little faster.  I have not gotten that annoying “WAIT” screen yet.  Although the Gmail did close abruptly on me the first time I opened it, however no issues afterwards.  Flash is working.  visited several sites including youtube.








13 thoughts on “Install Android 4.03 on X10 Air Pad 7p ICS – Root version”

  1. The software in not in English?
    I can’t understand the questions and don’t know what to answer.

  2. I am having issues with getting Flash to work after updating my 7P. I know that there are some known issues with Flash 11, but I have tried to install 10.2 as well as 10.3. Nothing is working. Any ideas?

    1. You will need to install an alternative browser such as dolphin or opera. The built in browser has issues with flash.

  3. I’m curious if this has the CPU clocked at 1gig or 1.2 gig?
    I have the Iview 760TPC which is pretty much the same but only clocks at 1gig.

    1. The airpad 7p is advertised as be 1.2 GHz. I am digging around to get details on how to change the clock speed and over clock it.

  4. Tried to install this firmware for X10 AirPad 7 (not 7p) using Windows 7 x64 and had no success: no drivers was installed automatically on step 11, also tried to press “ESC” button insted of “Back” at step 8 and late.

  5. the link to the firmware does not install flash player.. and when i install from another source it does not work..

  6. I have tried using both Dolphin and Opera and have issues with both playing Flash. I am also having issues with Netflix with this build. Any ideas? Should I try flashing again? I know that X10 just released their ICS install, but of course it doesn’t have Google Apps (now Google Play) nor is it rooted.

  7. Anyone have idea on ICS 403 firmware working with flash? I know the latest Airpad 7p firmware has working but not Root and no google play. I can I have the best of both?

  8. I recently bought the Airppad 7 with ICS 4.0.3 but it came without Google Play Store. I followed the instructions on this page and now I have Google Play Store and can download any app. Works well.

  9. Awesome post. I just got this little tablet and loading this ROM makes it actually usable. It is now just like my phone minus the actual phone feature.

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