How to root the air pad and then install Ice Cream Sandwich

This is an older tutorial.  Please see my updated tutorial for version 4.0.3 which is much stabler



My X10 Airpad 7p is now running Android 4.01.   See pictures in previous post.  Here are the instructions that I followed to accomplish this.  A couple of warnings first.  This can brick your airpad and will void the warrantly, so only proceed if you are willing to risk that.    I make no guarantees that this will work.  It worked for me, but that is all I know.  I currently know of no way to recover the airpad if it fails.

This upgrade will completely reset and delete all your settings, information, and apps.   So you will need to set everything back up and redownload your apps and widgets.




Prepare the files
1. Extract the firmware so you can see the image named “MOMO9C-4-Kevin”
2. Install LiveSuitPack 1.07
2. After running the exe go to the folder and run the application (LiveSuit.exe approx. 2mb)
3. Browse to the folder where the image MOMO9C-4-Kevin
4. The tablet should be off

Prepare the Momo9
5. Whilst keep volume+ button pressed, plug it in via USB
6. Keep pressing the volume+ button and also press the power button time for 10 times
7. After several presses on the power button there will be a “sound” it connects as Windows recognises new USB hardware
8. Windows 7 will install drivers automatically, in Windows XP you need to point windows to the directory where you extracted software
9. When all the drivers are installed, the firmware will start to install automatically

Finishing the Installation
10. There will be no sign of loading on the Momo9 – don’t worry
11. On the PC, LiveSuit shows a bar graph – it takes about 2 mins to go onto the Momo9
12. After the yellow bar on Livesuite is completed action (about 2 mins) nothing happens.
13. You will see an exclamation mark (using Windows 7) with no text. Click OK.
14. Then wait a few seconds. Unplug the momo9 from the USB. You will see a green battery symbol. Ignore it. Restart the tablet manually (as normal using the on/off button).
15. After this, you will be given two options, click start using android wizard (or something similar).

Everything should be included (Market, Navigation, Maps etc) Enjoy it!


Thanks to Momo9 owners – to upgrade the firmware here seem the best summary (from miljenko, Pandawill, MoAnsar, and others)

More information can be found in the online forum at:!!!-MOMO9-Android-4.0.1-ICS-firmware/page5

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9 thoughts on “How to root the air pad and then install Ice Cream Sandwich”

  1. Does this work for the newer one? The one that claims to already have ICS on it? My friend just got the tablet and I told him I’d get it rooted for Google Market, but I’m not going to use instructions that may not work.

    1. Yes, it should work. The download is based on the release directly from the manufactuer of the device. They sell the device under the name of ployer momo9.

      Let me know if you had sucess, because I have not gotten any feedback other than what has been posted on the forums.

  2. Is there another download location for MOMO9C-4-Kevin? I have been unable to get it using the link provided. 🙁

    1. I am trying to locate another download location. I have been out of town but will try to get a new link posted in the next day or so. Sorry for the delay in responses.

  3. Did you manage to run Netflix with the AIRPAD 7P?
    Do you have an issue with the browser that tell you that something wrong and ask you to click Wait or Stop the browser?

    1. For the browser lockup issue, i have started using the android dolphin browser and i get a lot less laockups and crashes. The built in browser seems to have instability issues.

  4. Neftflix is not working on airpad 7p with ICS even after loading Flash 11.1 and the browser keep telling me that I either wait or close the application

    1. I haven’t tried netflix on my airpad. I use it for the most basic tasks at this point. Its a very cheap tablet and can’t do much. My only expectation from it was that if I could plug in a keyboard but even that doesn’t work.

      I have found a few websites that sell it under the Ployer Momo-9 name for $80-$90.

    2. Have you tried installing a different browser? I can sometimes view flash content but it is not consistently working for me. I installed the dolphin browser from the market place. On some forums they suggest the opera browser too.

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