Home Media Server Part 1 (the requirements)

Its time to update the living room and bring it into the digital age.   This really is a big under taking because over the past 25 years I have amassed a large collection of VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray movies that I just am not ready to part with.  One could argue that “owning” media is a concept of the past, but I still like the idea of having physical control of my content and not rely on a content subscription with my satellite/cable company or some other online streaming service.

The first step to upgrading my living room experience was to come up with a list of requirements

  • Use inexpensive hardware (less than a few hundred bucks)
  • Media accessable in all rooms that have a tv
  • Compatible with Samsung devices (all of tvs, dvd player, home theatre system, blu-ray are made by Samsung)
  • Backup/Play my content I already own (VHS tapes, DVD, blu-ray)
  • low power consumption and/or only consumes power only when in use
  • remote power on/reboot
  • Intuitive and easy to use for family members

There are the requirements.  In the next post I will discuss what hardware/software combination I chose to meet my requirements.