Disable windows 7 dnla streaming

I have started using the Samsung AllShare windows application on my Windows 7 computer to share/stream my digital content to to my dnla capabable Samsung TV.

So far it seems to work really well and I am having much better luck with streaming different formats to the tv.  However now my desktop computer shows up twice on my TV and it is confusing not only to me but to my family.  I disabled the sharing in windows but that only added to the confusion because the computer name is still displayed but when selected an error displays.

After digging around through windows media player and the services menu, I found a better solution.

  1. Open the services menu (Start Menu, in the service box type in services and hit enter.)
  2. Scroll down to Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and double click.
  3. Change the Startup Type to Disabled
  4. Click the Stop button
  5. Click OK to apply your changes


Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Properties Window